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Photoshoot Cristiane e Gustavo (Tup Isla
Photoshoot Caroline Santos Marble Temple
Photoshoot Daiana e Danny (Wat Pho e Mar
Photoshoot Thayane (Low Res)-91
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How could I have ever imagined, when still a lawyer in São Paulo, that I would spend a 2-year season in Africa and that would change my way of seeing the world? From academic texts and a bureaucratic life, I began to discover new cultures and to live unique experiences that made me feel an urgency to register these impressions.


Photography was the medium I discovered to express what I was experiencing and to imprint the emotions of this itinerant life. First a hobby, the passion quickly became a profession. During my four year stay in Lisbon, I dedicated myself to academic specialization and became a Master in Design, Visual Culture and Photography, by the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing - IADE.


Passionate about portraits, enthusiastic about contact with people, curious about the world and captivated by historical connections between countries, I try to reveal, with a critical and fascinated eye, the true essence of the people and the authenticity of each moment captured.


From Sertãozinho to São Paulo, Brasília, Cotonou, Lisbon and now Bangkok, I keep on discovering wonderful cultures and places, creating memories and living experiences that are not always easy but incredible and exciting. Here in Thailand, I have been working in the areas of travel photography, family, personal branding and editorial. I continue to develop, in parallel, personal projects around the world.


This is my story in photography. Let me shoot yours! Contact me to schedule a photoshoot and reveal your stories to the world too!


​Thank you for visiting my website! If you want more information about photoshoots and prices, or if you have another type of  project in mind, please send me an email directly or fill out the form below. 

Bangkok, THAILAND.


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